Baccarat card layout

Why is it popular to use Baccarat card layout formula?

  • Baccarat card layout formula It is a formula that every bettor can use. Because this formula is a card formula that has a very easy to use method. which if the gambler can observe the cards in the game every time Gamblers will have the opportunity to profit from betting according to the card layout easily. With a simple, easy-to-use formula that doesn’t require much analysis. Thus making the baccarat card formula popular with gamblers for many years.
  • Betting according to the card layout, not all gamblers have to bet with a large amount. Which the formula for betting according to the card layout is a formula that is known as the gambler can set the bet by himself, everyone Whether gamblers want to bet with large sums or less The bettor can always set himself or herself before placing a bet.

    • The last advantage of using the Baccarat formula is to reduce the risk of gambling itself. Because usually playing baccarat is risky every time already. Even if you use the formula or not using a formula But if you apply the baccarat card formula to play baccarat, it will allow you to reduce the risk of losing bets less than before Because this formula is a formula that increases the chances of winning in the bet for the bettor as well.


Baccarat card layout that is often released

1.Sticky Baccarat Card Layout

It is important to note that the last 2 draws of the baccarat game are either BB or PP if you find that the last 2 of these cards are colored. or issue cards on the same side That will allow you to immediately understand that This is issued in the form of a baccarat card layout that is drawn next to each other. Once the cards are issued within the game has been observed that the baccarat cards are drawn consecutively. Next is betting according to the card layout. for betting or substitution according to this card There will be a simple way to bet. That is, when you have entered the baccarat room and saw that the last 2 cards were drawn on the same side, BB or PP, next time you can choose to repeat bets on the last winning side, such as having a card out. The last 2 is PP, next time bet on P 1 more time, or if the last 2 cards are BB, next time you bet on B next time. Betting like this You can keep betting. until the pattern of the outing within the game changes to the form of playing cards according to the other card layouts If you have bet according to this card and so on. Then start having another card issuance and then stop betting according to this card immediately.


  1. The card layout is often alternating.

    Baccarat card layout Alternating formula It is a card that is also known as a table tennis card. Which of these cards, you may have seen each other in almost every room of the game of Baccarat. Observing the card design of the alternating card layout. It will be noted how the results of the last 3 cards drawn in the room, for example, PBP or BPB. It comes out in this form so you can understand that the cards in this room are starting to have alternating cards. Then when you have observed the cards in the game already. The next step is to bet on an alternating card layout. or that ping pong card In which part of the bet according to him, this switch will allow you to enter the baccarat room. The formula then observes the last 3 card designs that are drawn with alternate 2 cards such as BPB or PBP like this. To place bets on the alternating layout, bets must be placed on the opposite side of the winning side last time, eg if 3.


  1. The card is issued often, type 2-1.

    For baccarat card layout, a 2-1 formula, also known as a 2, 1 alternating card layout, is this card layout. It is a deck of cards that are issued in real baccarat. But many gamblers may be confused about whether this kind of card exists or not. If you observe the cards in the game of Baccarat well. You’ll also know that 2-1 is a card that is very common in Baccarat games as well. By observing the 2-1 layout, you can observe the results of the last 3 draws. If a PPB or BBP is drawn, if this is actually drawn in the last 3 draws, then You can understand that This is a 2-1 layout. Once you’ve noticed the 2-1 design and how the cards are dealt, the next step is to place your bets. Betting according to this card layout is that you have to choose a baccarat room to play. If the last 3 card draws are observed and see that it has been issued as a PPB or BBP This then allows you to immediately bet on the opposite side of the side where the last card was drawn. For example, when the next PPB is issued, you bet on P, or if the next BBP is made, you bet on P.