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Do online lotteries really pay out?

For people who like to play lottery online Or online lotteries, here we have a service to play lottery online for you. Recently, there is news about playing online lotteries that have won huge prizes. Because one player won a lottery prize of 750 million yuan, but the lottery online gambling website has no money to pay.

Lottery company wins big Lottery companies can’t pay? Don’t be surprised, this is true. Recently, the “European Millions” won a grand prize of 188 million euros (about 1.5 billion yuan), which was shared between the Irish and Belgian lotteries players. The national of Ireland announced that the winner should not be awarded the prize at that time. pay him Not surprisingly, the official explained that until next week all countries participating in the European Million Prize will transfer their bets to Irish National Lottery accounts.

Irish Lottery Schemes Temporarily Fails to Pay Big Wins Ireland’s mystery winner of 94 million euros (about 750 million yuan) is not expected to receive a bonus until next week as the Irish National Lottery Company does not have enough money to pay him. The identity of the Grand Prize winner is also a mystery. As of Thursday’s business hours, the winner of Tuesday’s European Million Awards has yet to appear at the National Lottery office in Dublin.

Although there wasn’t enough money in the Irish National Lottery’s bank account earlier this week, local lottery officials thought it wasn’t surprising. As of next week only, all countries participating in the Euro Million sweepstakes will transfer their bets to their Irish National Lottery accounts.

The country has a total of €115 million. The European Million Awards are €188 million and are divided by lottery from Belgium and Ireland. Ireland’s winning streak ranks second in the country’s history. The first prize went back to 1957. She was born in 2005 when Dolores McNamara picked a million-euro lottery number and was fortunate to receive 115 million euros (about 917.57 million yuan). At that time, she was a clean and mother of six children. Broke, now she has a lot of money and doesn’t need to be tired of life.

With no redemption, the winner loses €3,450 in potential interest per day. However, this is a slap in the face when he deposits all his winnings into the bank, the annual interest will be €1.26 million and this is after taxes. The identity of the winner is unknown. Because rumors about the winner’s accommodation are rampant and most believe he lives in Beaumont or in Blanchard, north of Dublin. Although the National Lottery officials still declined to disclose that specific winning lottery tickets were purchased. But they admitted that it was somewhere in the Greater Berlin area. on the online casino website “Winners are encouraged to mark the lottery and place it in a safe place.” When the grand prize winner wins, they receive a “Granter Advice” brochure and DVD, along with safety instructions and how to deal with the organization. charity and others