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As written here, it means trading as a business owner. not employed by anyone Not a network for anyone.. The content is divided into 3 levels, which are beginner level, intermediate level and advanced level

Online business is not a trend or trend, but is a future that can be a stable future.

Online business is not a trend or trend, but a stable future. I can make a living and my family and this is not MLM

When will success happen ?

Once you have started doing it right. will see a clear channel it will keep growing and build a stable future At the same time, if you are not confident in choosing the path..we are a consulting service provider for online business.

Do you have to have a lot of capital to run an online business ?

Doing business online has a way to reduce costs drastically. In addition to reducing costs, it can also add channels to expand the business to grow without limits. without the need for a lot of capital (starting at 3000-5000 baht for making a website) but making a steady income be own business And have the freedom to work…this is the reason why “Why?.. have to do business online” But you have to learn to take the right steps.

How do you know?… This is what you need to find.

The part of the content that I will write in the next chapter is doing business online that means Management of how to sell products on the website to be successful in the way that you can. and provide worthwhile returns Both provide business opportunities that you can clearly see.

Running a successful business is not easy.. Online business is no different.

Doing business requires real determination. And the pursuit of knowledge for business development will be a testament to those who want to see opportunities. But some people have done it with determination and still do not see the opportunity to move forward. therefore lack confidence And understand that successful online business is difficult… In the beginning, I would like to say Did you start right?.. because there is something more than

Learn how to get buyers to know your product? and how to sell products Although these two things are the most important questions of doing business online. but in the details that will make them see a stable future Maybe, it won’t happen to you. And here will add those contents…

Where is the opportunity ?

Opportunity doesn’t depend on knowledge (people with knowledge lose a lot of jobs) Opportunity doesn’t depend on wealth (people who have money do a lot of business go bankrupt). Many people let the opportunity go because they can’t see that it’s an opportunity. The opportunity lies in the act of starting and using the idea to be. Currently… Thailand has completed a bachelor’s degree until the market is overflowing, but can’t figure out what to do and what to do, that’s because it has never done it. The channel of opportunity is invisible.

What do you think?

The truth of some people is that even if they have good teachers. cannot develop the knowledge that has been transmitted That’s because he had no desire for it. But for some people who are thirsty, curious and want to improve themselves. Want to see new opportunities Just give an example to listen to. Opportunities suddenly arise..and this is the answer to the word..how do you think it is? the meaning is need for personal development Business development will be the driving force for us to think and seek. As a result, there are so many opportunities to choose from.. and you have to know how to manage those opportunities.. in order to move forward steadily.

and how to do it

Every change needs the right direction. Here..we support with examples of success.. teach you how to find opportunities and create new opportunities continually

teach you how to sell online teach you how to supply goods branding business development tax management, etc.

online marketing content

Many stories have different details. Some may be exemplified and others may only be discussed on the topic as a guide or principle. For more details please contact via email.. or follow more content on this website.

Principle. See the way

experience foreseeing the future

What should starting a business learn?

From the experience of doing business offline and online for more than 20 years. Here are examples of both failures and successes for you to learn directly from real-life experience. to be shared with those who are having business problems and those who are about to start a business which contains 4 very important contents which are

►Doing business to survive-Marketing

►Doing business safely-Accounting

►Doing business stably -Management

►Do business to be rich -Finance